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Sid the Christmas Pudding

We all have Christmas wishes, for some it’s a bike, for others it’s a puppy. For no one it’s socks; but many are burdened with these cotton ankle-stranglers year in, year out. Time after time, after time, after time…

For Sid it’s a simple wish: to be the biggest, bestest and most puddingy-pudding on Christmas Day. But will he be ready in time? Will he be tasty enough? Or, worst of all, will he be completely forgotten?


The Tale of the Snail’s Trail

We all forget things sometimes: where did I put my phone? Why did I come into this room again? Where did we leave Grandma? So is that why snails leave a trail – because they know they’ll not remember their way back?

Well, it could be, but no snail has ever revealed the secret. Is this because that would break the secret snail code? Is it because they’re trying to be mysterious? Or is there some other amazing, amusing, very sensibly priced reason involving an evil crow, an old trainer and some toilet paper tubes?


Toad in the Plughole

Bathrooms are a place for funny noises; the blowing of runny noses, the scrubber-dub-dubbing of dirty digits, the rumbly-bum-pops that everyone does and hopes no-one else hears. But some of the sounds coming from behind that door might not be made by people at all.

This is a story about a boy discovering the origins of his own sink-based sound mystery. But what surprises him even more is the reason his slippery resident is presiding there…


The Monster Under the Stairs with X-ray Vision

Have you ever wondered what goes on in those spaces of your house where you don’t venture much? Or what made that noise in the dead of night? Or why your best shoes, the ones for a special occasion, the ones that cost a fortune but you only wear maybe once before they go out of fashion, keep getting muddled in with your work shoes?

This is a spooky tale of things that go bump in the night and one boys mission to find out what’s behind them. Is it mice? Is it beastiebugs? Or is it a monster with high-tech optical equipment and a false moustache?


The Rocket Cow and his Adventures in Attempted Flight

Birds are the only animals that can fly. Apart from bats. And some squirrels. Come to think of it, there’s even some fish that can do it. But this elite gang have one thing in common; they’re all small. Have you ever asked yourself ‘why are there no big flying animals?’ Well, you‘re not the only one.

This is a story of courage, determination and hard work. A story of individuality, of following your own path, of a cow using a rocket to attempt to fly.


The Goat with Two Coats and an Extra Beard

There’s an old saying that states: ‘two wrongs don’t make a right.’ Basically, this means that if you‘ve had something bad done to you by someone, doing something bad to them in return does not make it all ok.

There’s also a lesser-known saying that states: ‘two coats don’t make a beard.’ They both mean the same thing but this is the first story ever in the history of the whole wide world and infinite universe beyond, to tell you the tale behind this lesser-known saying. A vet, a massive octopus, a Yeti and a surprise character all get caught up in this fable about a wronged, speedboat-owning goat.