The Monster Under the Stairs with X-ray Vision




Have you ever wondered what goes on in those spaces of your house where you don’t venture much? Or what made that noise in the dead of night? Or why your best shoes, the ones for a special occasion, the ones that cost a fortune but you only wear maybe once before they go out of fashion, keep getting muddled in with your work shoes?

This is a spooky tale of things that go bump in the night and one boys mission to find out what’s behind them. Is it mice? Is it beastiebugs? Or is it a monster with high-tech optical equipment and a false moustache?

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200mm x 270mm



There’s a monster living under my stairs.
He’s good at hiding because when I look there’s nothing there.
As I go up there’s a creaking sound
and it’s the very same noise when I come back down...


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