The Tale of the Snail’s Trail




We all forget things sometimes: where did I put my phone? Why did I come into this room again? Where did we leave Grandma? So is that why snails leave a trail – because they know they’ll not remember their way back?

Well, it could be, but no snail has ever revealed the secret. Is this because that would break the secret snail code? Is it because they’re trying to be mysterious? Or is there some other amazing, amusing, very sensibly priced reason involving an evil crow, an old trainer and some toilet paper tubes?

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200mm x 270mm



Hello there! My name is Keith,
I live in a sink, when I say ‘in’ I mean underneath.
Anyway, this is a story about my friend Dale,
I say story, though it’s more of a tale,
a tale about Dale, did you guess that he’s a snail?


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